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Is Intalligent mobile?

Of course Intalligent is mobile. You can take assessments on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Because Intalligent accommodates a responsive design, it ensures a smooth, straightforward experience that can be experienced anywhere, and on most devices.

Is Intalligent a cloud-based system?

We are all about the cloud! Because we are native cloud there are no versions, no upgrades, no downloads, and no migrations. It all happens automatically, so there’s less risk, less to manage, and less downtime.

Is Intalligent secure?

Of course it is. We conduct regular internal audits and even contract independent security specialists to perform and publish a public security audit. 

Is Intalligent stable?

With Intalligent, capacity scales automatically with demand using automated peak load management, and is hosted at one of the most advanced cloud service AWS (amazon web services).

Will Intalligent integrate with an HRIS?

Intalligent is designed to integrate with standard Human Resource Information Systems.

Does Intalligent support single sign-on?

Indeed. Intalligent supports internal authentication and delegated authentication via CAS and other standard protocols.

Is Intalligent interoperable with third-party applications?

Intalligent is designed for easy interoperability with third-party applications via a standard RESTFULL API.

How often are new Intalligent features released?

The Intalligent team is constantly working on new features. We release updates to Intalligent every two weeks, and that includes new and exciting features.

What if I can’t find the answers I’m looking for?

If you have questions that aren’t answered in this FAQ section, please feel free to drop us a line using this form.