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Pricing plans

Competitive pricing for all your needs.


It´s Free!

  • Up to 50 Active Employees
  • Unlimited evaluations
  • Matrix Evaluations (referral activation)



  • Up to 100 Active Employees
  • Unlimited evaluations
  • Matrix Evaluations
  • External Data


499.95 /MO

  • Up to 200 Active Employees
  • Unlimited Evaluations
  • Matrix Evaluations
  • External Data


contact us!

  • More than 200 active employees
  • Price per active employee
  • Unlimited evaluations
  • Matrix Evaluations
  • External Data
  • Automatic action plan generation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Badges
  • Personality

All Plans Include:

24/7 online support // FREE Setup // Migration & Integration Help // Developer API // Prices are in 1 year Term // Prices only valid for onLine activations

Frecuently asked questions

How do I sign up?

You start with our Basic version which is free for one team and up to 50 employees. No credit card needed, just sign-up and go.

How does the 50 employees free plan work?

All basic features for evaluation and ranking are included in Intalligent free of charge with up to 50 employees.

Is Intalligent secure?

Only your team members can read your data. When you work on evaluations and profiles, all your communication is done through an SSL encrypted connection — the same technology used by online retailers and banks.

Is Intalligent available in other languages?

Intalligent is available in English and Spanish. Soon also in German, French. You can of course choose to create competencies areas and behaviors in your local language.

How does the 30-day free trial for Pro work?

You get to try Intalligent Enterprise for free for 30 days. This means that you will have all functionalities available. If you decide to not continue after 30 days, you will be downgraded to our free plan.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

What about uptime, can I trust that the service is available?

Intalligent have 99,9 % availability.

I work on many devices. Can I access Intalligent from them?

Yes. You can use Intalligent from your web browser on your favorite device. Intalligent is web responsive.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. Once you cancel your account, you will be responsible for charges incurred for that billing period, but you will not be charged again.

Can I switch Editions?

Yes. For Free and Pro, you can do it yourself at any time. For enterprise Edition changes, you need to contact us and we will help you.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope. You will be charged monthly and you can cancel anytime. If you cancel, you will only be charged for the current billing period. You will not be charged again after that.

Can I download Intalligent?

No. Intalligent is a web service and we have no plans to make an off-line version. You can download reports and files for archiving purposes.

Who can see my profile, assessments and ratings? Do you read them?

Only your company users with the adequate privilege can access your company information,. Your company's and employee´s privacy and security is a top priority. Of course, we will not view or use your company data.

I need more than 200 employees and the enterprise capabilities, what do I do?

To get additional employees you need to switch to Intalligent Enterprise. Then you can also have automatic action plans, advanced analytics, badges, personality appraisals, and more. Contact us and we will help you.

What happens with my data if I downgrade to the free version?

If you decide to stop paying for Pro you will be put on Free. We will freeze your additional team data and unfreeze when you decide to go back again.

Is there an app for Intalligent for Android or iOS?

No, however Intalligent works fine through a browser on your Android and iOS device.

We are a large organization and want to administer all our employees in Intalligent. Is that possible?

Yes. In Intalligent Enterprise, we can help you with that. Even we can create a sync for your employees between your payroll and training systems and Intalligent.

I would like some training for my organization, is this possible?

Yes, for Intalligent enterprise. Just contact us and we will help you.

Is it possible to pay by invoice?

Yes, in Intalligent enterprise it is possible to get invoicing. Contact us.

More questions or feedback to us?