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Access here to our online demo accounts

You don´t need to sign up in Intalligent to see how it works, we have prepared several test accounts for you to test and see how the tool looks like and works...

In this demo we are supposing a restaurants company with about 1000 employees across 11 restaurants.

Zone Managers

There are two main sales zones, east and west each one have his own zone manager...

        A zone manager can assess only Restaurant Managers inside his zone , but can see info for the rest of employees in the zone , but can´t assess them.

        You can enter with a zone manager profile using this account :

Restaurant Managers

Each restaurant has his own Restaurant Manager

       Restaurant managers can see employees info only for the restaurant they manage and they can assess everybody in his restaurant.

       you can enter with a Restaurant manager profile using this account:  

Executive Chef

Each restaurant has one Executive Chef

The executive chef can see and assess all employees in the KITCHEN Department of the restaurant they belongs to.

you can enter with a Executive Chef profile using this account:


Each restaurant has several maitres

The maitre can see and assess all employees in the ROOM department of the restaurant they belongs to.

you can enter with a Maitre profile using this account:

Chef & Waiter

Each restaurant has several chefs and waiters, they only can see and manage their own profile, they can not see and assess anybody else.

you can enter with a chef profile using this account:

you can enter with a waiter profile using this account:

All accounts use as password: demo 

Click here to access demo space