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intAlligent uses advanced data analytics with Big Data to identify areas of improvement for each person on an individual basis, people have an accurate diagnosis about that is good and in need of improvement and generates personalized action plans for each according to their strengths and weaknesses. 

Is a product to take your talent management one step further, it is designed for a continuous assessment environment and provides a dynamic view of the evolution of the employee and the hole organization over time. The ability of integrated assessments and business data, along with generation of customized action plans, all of this in a gamification context, and a really easy to use interface, even for low-profile employees.

What makes us different?

EASY and intuitive

Easy, easy, easy, not get tired of repeating it ... also fast and very intuitive...suitable for low profile employees


Identify personality that underlie the best employees in each job position.


Allow you to evaluate several employees at the same time making the review process much less cumbersome and faster...


Use badges to recognize those who perform better. Gamify your development process ...


Everything is designed to start to assess as soon as possible with a fast set up.


The Time series analysis for every metric in the system, shows you a evolutive vision of the fact.


Do we need up to date Organizational Maps?

At Intalligent is not necessary to have maps of the organization, Intalligent follows a scheme based on privileges on top of the position, which greatly simplifies the process of evaluation, preparation and maintenance.

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Continuous evaluation

Intalligent is designed for a continuous assessment environment and provides an evolutive view of the employee and the organization over time.

Employee´s integrated vision

The employee´s page, integrates a complete dashboard for the employee, current indicators are displayed, along with its evolution over time, pending actions in the action plan, and different comparison charts...

Action plan to improve performance

Manages and generates automatically individualized action plans for each employee based on their performance.

Self reviews

You can set up self assesments and access to a comparative analysis between the evaluators perspective and employee´s self perspective

Custom metrics design for every position

Design your own algorithms for metrics calculation in every position. Give appropriate weight to each of the assessment areas, behaviours, competences and external data, to get an accurate picture of the employee´s performance...

External data integration - Goals

Can integrate data from other systems such as employee turnover, profitability, training metrics, customer satisfaction surveys, absenteeism, etc ...

External data along with the ability to design your own algorithms, allow you to set the optimal weight of each piece of data together with competence indicators to rate the employee in the most accurate way.

Give recognition to best in class employees

Recognize Top Performers with badges that they can use in their social profiles and resume...


Gamify your development process through the use of badges.

HR analytics powered by Big Data

BigData Tells a Story, but We Have to Listen

For the last years we have captured demographic information, performance information, educational history, job location, and many other factors about our employees. Are we using this data scientifically to make people decisions? Not yet.

Intalligent, generates indicators and their evolution at a competence behavior level, competence area, assessment, job position, unit, department, employee, etc ...

The analytical capabilities of our system, based on Big Data technologies, help us to process information quickly and efficiently...

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Time Series based analysis

People and organizations evolve, Intalligent provides a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the metrics at all levels of your organization, for a clear identification of those who progress or regress...

  • Mobile and tablet support

  • 24/7 support

  • 99,99% availability